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Halloween 2011 Countdown Clock

Halloween is coming again! Only one month to go and counting. Halloween 2011 is on the 31st of October!¬†We created this neat little widget you can place on your website to countown to Halloween 2011. You can see the amount of days, hours, minutes and seconds untill it’s Halloween. Grab this clock and place it […]

Clock Weather Date Widget For Windows

HTC Home is Windows 7/ Vista desktop widget, the widget shows date and time, weather information for the current day and next four days, plus an picture slideshow. This widget is customizable, you can personalize the color of tiles to your desired one with a click. You can change the default location, picture slideshow interval, […]

HTC Phone Clock For Windows 7 and Vista Gadget

This desktop clock displays both the date and time wrapped up in a beautiful HTC-style skin which sits comfortably on your desktop. You have the option of whether it stays on top of other windows. You can also choose from a few preset positions, or manually drag it to the exact spot you want it […]