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Video iPhone 5 Unboxing and Review on Youtube

This is just a nice litle video about the unboxing of the new iPhone 5. It’s a parody of course. It’s not the real iPhone 5, but it’s nice to see the guy explaining all the new cool stuuf and it made us laugh. So we hope it will make you laugh as well! The […]

Create Fake Tweets and Twitter Usernames

TweetFroger is a web app that lets you create any false tweets and Twitter users. You can pick any user you want, enter some text, and TweetForger will create an individual, look-alike tweet. Nothing you do here will appear in anyone’s Twitter® stream, even your own. This is just for fun. TweetFroger generates a unique […]

Create a Parody Movie of Hitler

Create your own video parody of the movie Hitler “Downfall” . Hitler Creator is an video app, that is easy to use, just enter the text in the ”Subtitulo” (subtitles) after you done the subtitle text will appear in the video. You can choose from multiple scenes. After you done you can send the video […]