New Gmail sign-in

Previously Google products all had different sign-in pages. Righ now, Google is bringing more uniformity into the sign-in pages. The look of the new sing-in pages is more like Google’s new product Google+. Because this is a very important and well thought of product, Google is probably deciding that, because they did such a good job with Google+, to implement the sign-in pages on a lot more, maybe even all Google products. (We didn’t check them all out) We know the same login pages are now shown for products like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Mail (Gmail) etc.

The input field have increased in size and in “fillability”. You really want to fill in your details to login, and thats of course in the best interest of Google. The more you’re logged into Google’s services, the more they can follow you and the more Google knows about you! If you’re not into the big brother thinking, than don’t forget to logout!

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