SteamZoo Widget for Android Review

SteamZoo is one of the most popular of Android widgets which are free to download and use from the Android Marketplace. It is a video and photo sharing widget which sports an elegant interface and a long list of editing and social features. This app is mainly designed to help photography enthusiasts to easily share photos and videos among each other but there is no reason why it should be limited to just them. The widget has an easy to understand interface which almost anyone can use to share videos and pictures with their friends and family members. The app has been optimized for uploading and browsing content as well as interacting with an established community.

How it works?

SteamZoo mainly works by first organizing your videos and photos using various hashtags like #beach, #nature etc. You start by creating an account in order to get your username and password. This allows for users to follow various streams as well as specific people like your Facebook friends or a specific topic being discussed on Twitter. On the homescreen all the content which you follow is automatically compiled and arranged chronologically. When you add new photos you’ll see a number of various notifications that appear.

One of the best things about StreamZoo is that the pictures in the feed appear in their max sizes which makes browsing through these photos enjoyable. This is unlike similar apps that display grainy thumbnails which you have to tap over in order to view a larger version. In addition you can also view the tags as well as ‘Like’ the photos or even comment directly on to them from this Feed.

Now, one of the unique things about StreamZoo is that every time you receive a comment or a like on the photos and videos you share you end up earning points. These points are what add a competitive and positive aspect to the app. People that earns points are listed on the leaderboard with obviously the highest point leaders on the top. The leaderboard is categorized by month, week and day. This also serves as a wonderful way to find active users, and the most popular photos.

Adding content

Adding content of your own is pretty straight forward, just tap the camera icon located on the screen and select the video/photo you want to add from the gallery or by using real time capture. You are then presented with a list of options that allows you to set borders, add filters, as well as used advanced tools all of which helps you create a masterpiece destined to pull in tons of points. This screen is followed by a screen where you add a description of the hashtags, as well as geotag the content prior to sharing it on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook prior to uploading.


The SteamZoo app is one of the easiest Andriod photo and video sharing apps available. If you like to view and share photos then this app is a no-brainer.

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